About Us

Carehub.info  Supporting Compassionate Communities

Care Hub is an easy to use website full of services and providers that anyone can access to enable social prescribing, self-care and support.  

You can find information on a range of topics that include health support issues, financial aid, volunteering, arts, activities and social groups for ALL ages using simple category buttons or search terms.  We list local, regional and national providers.


Our Vision

Carehub.info - the easy to use website for all your local, regional and national support.  Supporting and assisting the creation of compassionate communities across the UK.  

With so many wonderful groups just waiting to support us all, the NHS under ever-increasing pressure and the bewildering complexity of the internet, we wanted to create a safe and easy place to find groups relevant and local to us all.  Look upon us as a local paper that informs and assists you in finding social activity and community groups close enough for you to find and filled with people just waiting for you to join them.


Our History

Our MD, Tracey Palmer, came from a career spanning 25 years of management accounting and IT in industry.  Realising she had a desire to help people and use her skills and qualifications, she applied to the NHS to be a Practice Manager at a wonderful practice in Chester.  After a very enjoyable few years in the role, three things became apparent to her :

  1. The NHS is under enormous pressure, with overworked GPs, clinicians and Practice staff at the front line.

  2. There is an enormous wealth of 3rd sector and private organisations offering help and support at every corner; locally, regionally and nationally

  3. Patients and community members did not know how to find these groups easily and reception staff and clinicians are too busy to signpost into the 3rd sector.

So… in 2016, Carehub was created to act as a “suitcase of leaflets” that has relevance to everyone, whatever their need or want.  During the development we were lucky to enjoy the support of many individuals and organisations across West Cheshire including; GPs and Practice Managers, the West Cheshire CCG, Brightlife, Brio Leisure and other stakeholders to further links to, and knowledge of, Social Prescribing facilities available to our patients.  


What is social prescribing?

Social prescribing, sometimes referred to as community referral, is a means of enabling GPs, nurses and other primary care professionals to refer people to a range of local, non-clinical services.

Recognising that people’s health is determined primarily by a range of social, economic and environmental factors, social prescribing seeks to address people’s needs in a holistic way. It also aims to support individuals to take greater control of their own health.

Social prescribing schemes can involve a variety of activities which are typically provided by voluntary and community sector organisations. Examples include volunteering, arts activities, group learning, gardening, befriending, legal advice, support groups, specific health issues organisations, cookery, healthy eating advice and a range of sports.

Social prescribing is designed to support people with a wide range of social, emotional or practical needs, and many schemes are focussed on improving mental health and physical well-being.  Those who could benefit from social prescribing schemes include people with mild or long-term mental or physical health problems, vulnerable groups, people who are socially isolated, and those who frequently attend either primary or secondary health care.


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