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Emma Wilson Fitness
Telephone :
07971 596529

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Introductory Statement :
Emma Wilson Fitness runs fitness classes in the heart of Cheshire and an online nutrition, health and weight loss program, accessible to all. Improving the health and wellbeing of her community since 2007.
Details about the Care Provider :
Based in Oakmere, my Health & Fitness business offers a number of services. I have classes for all ages and abilities from those who need a gentle approach to those who want and need challenging. Qualified in a number of disciplines, including ante and postnatal exercise prescription, I am able to tailor and adapt activity from functional movement to strength and conditioning, helping people get the most from their body and live life to the fullest.

I also offer an online Clean & Lean program. This is an online health and wellness course._The concept and courses help educate people about all things health, food and fitness. It provides a simple no nonsense approach to clear up the facts from the fiction that we are told by food manufacturers. It helps dispel myths the food industry have made us believe, but that contribute illness, obesity, autoimmune issues, high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. It takes a holistic view on sleep, lifestyle, activity, perimenopause and menopause and improves mood, energy levels and overall wellbeing.

Results are always positive and I do offer talks to give people an insight into small tweaks and adaptations they could make in their daily lives that could help to improve their health and wellbeing.

I can also offer talks to pre and postnatal women regarding pelvic floor function, diastasis and exercise do’s and don’ts during and after pregnancy.

Services Offered

Category Sub-Category Title
Make New Friends1. Babies and Toddler (New Mums and Dads)Online Groups
Make New Friends3. Students/Young adultsOnline Groups
Make New Friends4. AdultsOnline Groups
Make New Friends5. SeniorsOnline Groups
1. Babies & ToddlersLong Term ConditionsDiabetes
3. Students/Young AdultsLong Term ConditionsDiabetes
4. AdultLong Term ConditionsDiabetes
5. SeniorsLong Term ConditionsDiabetes
1. Babies & ToddlersSocial ActivitiesFitness
1. Babies & ToddlersWellbeing for the bodyFood and Healthy Living
3. Students/Young AdultsWellbeing for the bodyFood and Healthy Living
4. AdultWellbeing for the bodyFood and Healthy Living
5. SeniorsWellbeing for the bodyFood and Healthy Living
Make New Friends1. Babies and Toddler (New Mums and Dads)Get Active
Make New Friends3. Students/Young adultsGet Active
Make New Friends4. AdultsGet Active
Make New Friends5. SeniorsGet Active
1. Babies & ToddlersWellbeing for the mindPre- and Post-Natal Depression
2. ChildrenLong Term ConditionsDiabetes
2. ChildrenSocial ActivitiesFitness
3. Students/Young AdultsSocial ActivitiesFitness
4. AdultSocial ActivitiesFitness
5. SeniorsSocial ActivitiesFitness
Make New Friends2. ChildrenGet Active
2. ChildrenWellbeing for the bodyFood and Healthy Living
Make New Friends2. ChildrenOnline Groups