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Wheelyboat Services
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01270 812677

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Boat trips on the Shropshire Union Canal for children and adults with disabilities

The Wheelyboat Service offer boat trips on their specially designed wheelyboat which has roll-on/roll off wheelchair access & enhanced stability.
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The Overwater Wheelyboat

The Overwater Wheelybus

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Overwater Wheelyboat
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Overwater Wheelyboat
The Overwater Wheelyboat
We offer boat trips on the Maughan Lass, our specially designed Wheelyboat, for adults and children with disabilities. The Wheelyboat has roll-on / roll-off wheelchair access, and enhanced stability.

Sailings are from April to October on Mondays to Fridays at 11:00 am and 1:30 pm and are subject to suitable weather conditions.

trips can be tailored to suit your wishes and can be half hour to one and a half hours duration.

The cost of a trip is a donation.

The Overwater Wheelybus is a dedicated, specially adapted transport for those who meet out criteria and have difficulty arranging their own transport. The wheelybus is a 12 seater Minibus for passengers, or can carry 3 wheelchairs along with their nominated carers.

Services Offered

Category Sub-Category Title
6. Make New Friends4. AdultsGet Active
6. Make New Friends5. SeniorsGet Active
6. Make New Friends3. Students/Young adultsGet Active
6. Make New Friends1. Babies and Toddler (New Mums and Dads)Get Active
6. Make New Friends2. ChildrenGet Active
1. Babies & ToddlersLong Term ConditionsPhysical disability
2. ChildrenLong Term ConditionsPhysical disability
3. Students/Young AdultsLong Term ConditionsPhysical disability
4. AdultLong Term ConditionsPhysical disability
5. SeniorsLong Term ConditionsPhysical disability
1. Babies & ToddlersLong Term ConditionsLearning Disabilities
2. ChildrenLong Term ConditionsLearning disabilities
3. Students/Young AdultsLong Term ConditionsLearning disabilities
4. AdultLong Term ConditionsLearning disabilities
5. SeniorsLong Term ConditionsLearning disabilities
5. SeniorsLong Term ConditionsVisual or Hearing Impairment
4. AdultLong Term ConditionsVisual or Hearing Impairment
3. Students/Young AdultsLong Term ConditionsVisual or Hearing Impairment
2. ChildrenLong Term ConditionsVisual or Hearing Impairment
1. Babies & ToddlersLong Term ConditionsVisual or Hearing impairment
2. ChildrenSocial ActivitiesOutdoor activities
3. Students/Young AdultsSocial ActivitiesOutdoor activities
4. AdultSocial ActivitiesOutdoor activities
5. SeniorsSocial ActivitiesOutdoor activities