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Company Name :
Premier Care Limited - Cheshire West and East Branch
Telephone :
01829 731820

Contact Details and Information

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Introductory Statement :
At Premier Care we offer a personal service to you or your loved ones through our team of people who are experts in all matters of care in your own surroundings.
Premier Care is a home care agency with specialisms in dementia, eating disorders, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, sensory impairments, substance misuse. We are able to assist a variety of customer groups such as older people, people with a mental health disability and people with palliative care needs.
Details about the Care Provider :
We understand how much independence can mean to someone who is living with a challenging situation - whether that be learning or physical disabilities, mental health issues or a range of other complex conditions. Our specialist teams provide treatment, care and support in a range of environments ranging from in-home support and supported accommodation to residential homes and hospital treatment.

Whatever the needs of each individual, we can personalise a care and support plan which will help achieve realistic and meaningful goals on their journey toward a more independent and fulfilling life.

Services Offered

Category Sub-Category Title
5. SeniorsCare, Carers and RespiteCare at Home
5. SeniorsPalliative and Hospice CarePalliative Care
5. SeniorsLong Term ConditionsPhysical disability
4. AdultLong Term ConditionsPhysical disability
3. Students/Young AdultsLong Term ConditionsPhysical disability
2. ChildrenLong Term ConditionsPhysical disability
1. Babies & ToddlersLong Term ConditionsPhysical disability
5. SeniorsLong Term ConditionsAlzheimer's / Dementia
1. Babies & ToddlersLong Term ConditionsLearning Disabilities
2. ChildrenLong Term ConditionsLearning disabilities
4. AdultLong Term ConditionsLearning disabilities
3. Students/Young AdultsLong Term ConditionsLearning disabilities
5. SeniorsLong Term ConditionsLearning disabilities
4. AdultPalliative and Hospice CarePalliative Care
3. Students/Young AdultsPalliative and Hospice CarePalliative Care
5. SeniorsLong Term ConditionsVisual or Hearing Impairment
4. AdultLong Term ConditionsVisual or Hearing Impairment
3. Students/Young AdultsLong Term ConditionsVisual or Hearing Impairment
2. ChildrenLong Term ConditionsVisual or Hearing Impairment
1. Babies & ToddlersLong Term ConditionsVisual or Hearing impairment
1. Babies & ToddlersPalliative and Hospice CarePalliative Care
2. ChildrenPalliative and Hospice CarePalliative Care
2. ChildrenCare, Carers and RespiteRespite care
1. Babies & ToddlersCare, Carers and RespiteRespite care
3. Students/Young AdultsCare, Carers and RespiteRespite care
4. AdultCare, Carers and RespiteRespite care
5. SeniorsCare, Carers and RespiteRespite care
4. AdultLong Term ConditionsAlzheimers / Early on-set dementia