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Fight Bladder Cancer

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Fight Bladder Cancer is a national charity supporting those with bladder cancer, campaigning to raise awareness and supporting medical research.
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"Have you, or someone you know, been diagnosed with bladder cancer? If so, then we're here for you.

We're the only UK-based bladder cancer charity founded and run by bladder cancer survivors and their families, so we know EXACTLY what you're going through. We're here to explain the medical jargon, give you the facts and figures, share our tips and tell our stories.

We support everyone affected by bladder cancer, we help to raise awareness, support medical research and we campaign to affect policy at the highest levels to bring about change in bladder cancer treatments. Our aim is to achieve better outcomes and quality of life for all those affected.

If you think you may have bladder cancer but you haven't yet had a confirmed diagnosis, you can find out more in our LEARN section. We explain the key facts, symptoms and the tests that can be done to confirm a diagnosis. Remember, there are many other illnesses that cause similar symptoms.

Take a look at our GET HELP section if you've just been diagnosed with bladder cancer and you're not sure what will happen next. There you'll find lots of information on likely steps in your treatment together with advice on questions you can ask your doctors and consultants. You may feel very alone at the moment, but we're here for you. We have the largest patient and carer forum for those affected by bladder cancer in the UK. Knowing that there are other people who know and understand what you're going through can make a tremendous difference."

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