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Care Provider Details

Company Name :
Cheshire Police
Telephone :
101 or 999 for an emergency

Contact Details and Information

Email :
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Introductory Statement :
We're here where you need us, when you need us
We're here for victims
We're here for justice
We're here for communities
Details about the Care Provider :
To make Cheshire the safest place in the country, and to be a police force here for you when it matters, where it matters.

Victim care is at the heart of the service we provide.
The public have confidence and trust in us - we work together to keep them safe.
We are a visible presence in communities and respond to their priorities.
We respond quickly when the public need us most - we come to you.
We work with partners and the public to safeguard individuals and communities.
We investigate crime and anti-social behaviour effectively, solving more crime that causes the most harm.
We are proactive, enforcing the law and creating a hostile environment for criminals.
Crime prevention is the cornerstone of what we do.

Services Offered

Category Sub-Category Title
2. ChildrenBullying and abuseDomestic Violence
3. Students/Young AdultsBullying and abuseDomestic Violence
4. AdultBullying and abuseDomestic Violence
5. SeniorsBullying and abuseDomestic Violence
3. Students/Young AdultsMoney/Legal/Housing/HardshipLegal support
4. AdultMoney/Legal/Housing/HardshipLegal support
5. SeniorsMoney/Legal/Housing/HardshipLegal support
2. ChildrenBullying and abuseSexual Abuse
3. Students/Young AdultsBullying and abuseSexual Abuse
4. AdultBullying and abuseSexual Abuse
5. SeniorsBullying and abuseSexual Abuse