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Fallen Angels
Telephone :
07801 478 548

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Introductory Statement :
Funded by People's Health Trust, this project is about local people in Chester to support each other improving self esteem, confidence and reducing social isolation.
Details about the Care Provider :
Building Recovery Project in Chester:
at The Garret Theatre, Storyhouse.

This project is bringing together movement and art to explore creativity and current issues affecting the local communities in Chester.

Initiated by the community using props, art as starting points to find common ground and explore the groups' life stories. The local community is welcome to come and explore themes with the group.

Who can benefit from our group:
People in recovery from Addiction
Mild to moderate Mental health issues
Residents of Lache and Blacon area of Chester presenting a disadvantage that would benefit from:
- Confidence building
- Self expression
- Creativity
- Health and Wellbeing
- Increased friendships/ social interaction.

Services Offered

Category Sub-Category Title
5. SeniorsSocial ActivitiesMusic and movement
5. SeniorsSocial ActivitiesIndoor Activities
5. SeniorsWellbeing for the bodyAddiction support (Smoking/Alcohol/Drug Abuse etc)
5. SeniorsWellbeing for the mindDepression
5. SeniorsWellbeing for the mindStress and anxiety
4. AdultWellbeing for the mindDepression
4. AdultWellbeing for the mindStress and Anxiety
4. AdultWellbeing for the bodyAddiction support (Smoking/Alcohol/Drug Abuse etc)
4. AdultSocial ActivitiesMusic and movement
4. AdultSocial ActivitiesIndoor activities
3. Students/Young AdultsWellbeing for the mindDepression
3. Students/Young AdultsWellbeing for the mindStress and anxiety
3. Students/Young AdultsWellbeing for the bodyAddiction support (Smoking/Alcohol/Drug Abuse etc)
3. Students/Young AdultsSocial ActivitiesMusic and movement
3. Students/Young AdultsSocial ActivitiesIndoor activities
2. ChildrenWellbeing for the mindDepression
2. ChildrenWellbeing for the mindStress and anxiety
2. ChildrenWellbeing for the bodyAddiction support (Smoking/Alcohol/Drug Abuse etc)
2. ChildrenSocial ActivitiesMusic and movement
2. ChildrenSocial ActivitiesIndoor activities
6. Make New Friends2. ChildrenSocial Groups
6. Make New Friends3. Students/Young adultsSocial Groups
6. Make New Friends4. AdultsSocial Groups
6. Make New Friends5. SeniorsSocial Groups